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Contact me to ask about pricing or schedule a shoot.

Studio located on Haywood Rd. in West Asheville, NC

Scott Sturdy Photography

100 Olde Eastwood Village Blvd., #128, Asheville, NC 28803, us

(336) 773-1809


By appointment only

I shoot people


Specializing in unique portrait photography


Affordable head shots for business, actors, musicians, etc.

Let's get creative!

Looking for something different? Artsy, boudoir, pin-up, cosplay, fetsih?

Basic pricing

All shoots require a $50 deposit, no refund if you do not show up


I only shoot in my studio

Sorry, I do not usually shoot outside the studio.  Please don't  ask me to go shoot up on the Blue Ridge Parkway , etc.

However I will shoot band performing on stage.

Hair and makeup

You are required to do your own hair and makeup, however I can supply a hair and makeup person at an additional cost.

Selfies Schmelfies

F*#k a bunch of selfies, get some real photography.

Contact  me to set up an appointment today.